Why buy from ‘Murtiwala’?

We, Murtiwala, are the artists, the orignial manufacturers, not just suppliers. It is said that a ‘deity’ can not be realized unless the sculptor sees the divine through his eyes. This is not just a business, it has been our devotion for generations, and we believe this to be a way to serve the devotees.

What materials do you use to make the idols and temples?

White marble from Makrana, Rajasthan, this is what Murtiwala work with the most. However some devotees want their deities to be carved in Red-stone from Bansi Paharpur, Bharatpur (Hanuman Ji), and Black Marble from Bainslana, Jaipur (Kali Mata Ji, Shivalingam, Bheru Ji, Krishna Ji).

We also have a special range of idols being developed in Bronze, Brass, Silicon, Fiber, etc.

Where are your idols and temples made?

Being a traditional art form, Murtiwala believes that the best is to keep our manufacturing sites closer to its natural roots, therefore we prefer our workshops to be located in Makrana, Bhaislana, Jaipur, Alwar, etc.

Can you custom make a Moorti or Pooja-Mandir?

Yes, this is what Murtwala is best at. Just contact us and we will assign a customer relation manager to listen to all your ideas and requirements.

Can your marble idols or temple be easily cleaned?

Yes, simply with a brush or soft cloth, the dust can be removed. However, if it has color paint over it, the color may deteriorate in 8-12 years, but can be re-colored easily at minimal cost. Any ghee, kesar, chandan, or kumkum stain can remain, if not cleaned immediately, due to marble’s very nature.

How long does it usually take for a custom order for idols or mandir?

If we have stock matching your requirement then it is just a matter of delivery to your door. If you have a customized preference, it can take 15 to 30 days depending on the size, material, and intricacy.  

How do you ship your products and how long does it take for delivery?

Murtiwala uses standard courier service like FedEx, DHL, etc. It should not take more than 7 days in usual cases.

What happens if our shipment is damaged in transit?

We pack the idols very carefully and keeping all due safety measures in place. However there can be unfortunate cases and taking full responsibility, we replace it with the new idol within the period of a month.

Does the colour and gold work on the idol turn black?

The color we use can get dull with the time, and we use natural 22k gold leaf, it may get corroded like any natural gold article. 

Are there any Duties and Taxes on the import of your products?

Marble deities attract Nil GST. However the temples are subjected to 18% GST. There are no import duties or extra taxes on these in any country for that matter. But it is better to do a primary check in your country in case there are any changes in policy.